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Friends with purpose.

Everything’s future is the result of the foundation!

Establishing Foundations that open heaven, change lives and impact our societies, changing our world; is the vision that Fonda, myself and our teams have worked under with great results!

Every building,  house, institution, life is defined by its foundations. The quality, longevity, how long it will influence and be relevant will be defined by it,as a result of the Foundation!

Our Mission

Paul and Barnabas went on the first missionary journey to fulfill the vision and purpose that God had for them. To preach the gospel to the Gentiles or the nations where the truth had never been heard.

They were able to do this because certain individuals and churches partnered with them to support them economically on a regular basis so the task could be fulfilled!

The victory was not just Paul & Barnabas’s but it was also the victory of those who helped make it possible by supporting financially on a regular basis.

Our Why


Online schools and content

What are these Foundations doing?

We’ve used a systematic set of Pauline principles to found, disciple, and form sure foundations in our


• Hundreds of disciples in Monterrey, Mexico

• Over 750 in the Master Builder 21 day session for established leaders form over 20 different nations

• The 3 month school, Foundations for Leadership has over 1,000 students from nearly 30 different nations.

Due to the covid pandemic we’ve initiated a 6 week online session called, Foundations Intentional. We’ve had over 100 in these sessions from multiple nations as well.

Plus all the content in CCI TV YouTube channel & online schools.

According to scripture they have opened heaven or given our people access to the life of God, the resources of God and the power of God in this life! Resources are the answer to everything in life in one way or another. This lets people face life out of God’s life and resources instead of their own! This open access can only cause great confidence and faith in their personal lives as they face the future!

Changed lives

Impact our societies and change our world

Some examples

When we have an open heaven, the resources of heaven in our lives mean every problem can have a different solution. I often paraphrase Jesus in this way, “if you could understand the resources I’m bringing to the table then you could understand that all things are possible!”, or infinite resources produce infinite possibilities! No wonder lives are radically changed when we understand the unlimitedness of what Jesus has done for us.

Because of these internalized truths, as a man believes in his heart, so is he: Proverbs 23:7 wonderful results and impact are clearly being seen!

  • Many new businesses, startups have happened and are happening in these moments

  • Seminars and courses on entrepreneurship and business principles

  • Employment opportunities and promotions for many

  • Various management levels and opportunities for many

  • 16 authors from the Monterrey church plus others from our churches

  • The Second Mile food program, helping those in need

  • Non profit opportunities, teaching values in the public schools

  • Political involvement

  • In previous elections the church in Monterrey had 10 candidates

  • In the past election our churches recruited over 30 candidates nationally

  • At present the Monterrey church has  2 state representatives serving

  • And many  pubic servers in our state


Just like in the apostle Paul's case the vision is coming to pass, as the gospel spread throughout Asia minor Paul begins to lift his eyes to other nations and other opportunities to fulfill the divine mandate.


Each point of our vision is starting to find fulfillment in the various churches that are in the CCI network. Just like the apostle Paul we find ourselves with more opportunities to build and impact worldwide than ever before! And because of that we need your help more than we ever have before!


There is more

We will continue with our mission

Bigger steps

What we will keep doing with your support

In the mission field monthly support is where everything starts, this gives us the ability to establish a base and begin to extend the ministry.

As we advance we frequently find the need to take bigger steps and by this I mean projects that we cannot be financed with just monthly support.

  • Training leaders in different nations

  • Equipment: we recently had to buy cameras and audio equipment so we can transmit during the pandemic, which in the end multiplied our influence in the nations.

  • CCI schools

  • Scholarships for Foundations

  • Scholarships for Master Builder

  • Humanitarian projects

  • Building churches

  • Helping ministries

Join us in monthly support, be a

Friend with Purpose

as we build and impact together in the nations!

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