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Richard and Fonda's report

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Foundations for leadership is a three month school that we have operated since 2003, we’ve had over 1000 students go through who are now kingdom building in many parts of the earth. One of those students - his name is Josue - was in the class of 2019 and then returned to serve in his local church, shortly after arriving home he opened a TikTok account and began to share many of the concepts and truths that he had learned in our school Foundations.

Right away, many others became impacted through what Josue was sharing, they asked him to lead them so they could have greater impact in social ministry; Josue connected them back to our leadership team who began to disciple them weekly with a group of lessons that I had written for working with small groups.

They started calling themselves The Tribe and began to aggressively impact all their followers, they designed a registration form and soon The Tribe was discipling 100 young people with the lessons from our house. I was visiting one of them this week and I asked, how many people is following The Tribe and the answer was easily over 1 million.

One bible school, one student, 14 disciples called The Tribe, who are personally discipling 100 and are influencing over 1 million through the impact of Foundations for leadership. This is called the kingdom of God.

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